And this time it's not because of Melbourne's low temperatures. No no, I'm actually experiencing some nice weather in Sydney at the moment so you're lucky, you escaped the weather whinging just this once. Aside from being peevish about cold weather, if you know me, or have stepped foot into my Melbourne apartment, you would know I am a hoarder... Of rugs. It's a great hobby to have. I've always been more inclined to purchase rugs very minimal in colour, but loud in pattern. Well, let me tell you I have found a new love when it comes to rugs and I hear it's "actually" a "big deal". Persian rugs in the kitchen. Loud in all aspects. A super easy, affordable way to add some soul into what is normally quite a bland room. I never would have thought to put a rug in my kitchen, purely because I know how much pasta sauce it would attract, BUT it looks on point and works no matter what style kitchen you have. If you're daring enough to introduce trend, the best way to go about it is to go vintage. Practical, less cost and gives that boho worn in feel. (Plus you won't feel too bad for getting your pasta sauce on it). Just stay away from shaggy or pile high fabrics, trying to vacuum cheese out of them is a mission and a half.  Feast your eyes.