The Block ensuite reveals last night got me thinking, why is there an expectation that we have to spend thousands of dollars to get a bathroom that feels luxurious and zen? Sorry Darren Palmer, but I don't feel like spending $200 on a candle today. After endless hours on Pinterest I am a firm believer that this isn't true! I have always been one to indulge in small things to make my apartment feel more full and homely, now I'm getting a real urge to give my bathroom some loving. This post will be about how to get that 5 star hotel feeling in your own bathroom. Even if your renting, these tips and tricks can make a huge difference to a lifeless space. 

It has been proven that a good day starts with a good early morning routine. A healthy breakfast, a yoga class, not getting caught up in work emails; all good choices, but for a self confessed decor addict (I know you're out there) a good a.m starts inside a clean and well-decorated bathroom. Hopefully these idea's will get you excited for the morning alarm. Let's get next level bathroom cozy. 

Hand wash bottles, soap holders, toothbrush holders, toilet cleaners; these don't need to be boring, they can add character, colour and texture. Here are some bits & bobs that can help you achieve that comforting style, no matter what budget you're on. Pssst, think outside the box. Changing up the smallest things will make a huge impact. 

(Left to right) 1. 'Boston' Morgan & Finch $29-$49. 2. 'Copper Toilet Paper Holder' Urban Outfitters $29. 3. 'Mint Duo Soap' Terrain $9. 4. 'Cedar Face Brush' Terrain $10. 5. 'Loft Bathroom Accessories' West Elm $9-$14. 6. 'Icon Bath Trays' West Elm $14. 


I don't know about you but when it comes to buying towels or bath mats I have a semi panic attack because I can never find comfort, quality and style. If you feel the same way, I'm glad you're reading this because I gave myself claps for these finds. 

1. 'Connected Stripe Rag Rug' Plum & Bow $24. 2. 'Navy Stripe Shower Curtain' West Elm $39. 3. 'Indie Buoy Towel' KateandKate $99. 4. 'Monochrome Stripe Hand Towel' Loom Towels $39. 5. 'Double Face Bath Mat' One Kings Lane $49. 6. 'Hamish Orange Towel' Fenton&Fenton $80. 


These pieces are perfect for renters! You don't have to physically commit to something in order to transform your bathroom. These small touches can add luxury, storage and a bit of glam. They're all super easy to find and can be done on the tightest of budgets.

1. 'Framed Canvas Bins' Anthropologie $78. 2. 'Willow Ladder Shelf' Urban Outfitters $69. 3. 'Brio Bin' Freedom $30. 4. 'Round Wall Mirror' West Elm $179. 5. 'Lacquer Waste Bin' West Elm $44. 6. 'Round Belly Baskets' Serena and Lily $128


The fun stuff! Yay!

1. 'Sea Glass Jar' Urban Outfitters $16. 2. 'Knotted Plant Pod' Small Town $320. 3. 'Jute Macrame Wall Hanging' Table Tonic $99. 4. 'Geo Soaprock' Anthropologie $12. 5. 'Chanterelle Candle' Terrain $24. 6. 'Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash' Aesop $40.