Now don't quote me on this guys, but holy crap we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms! Hear this; we spend 25 years sleeping. 48 days having sex. 9 years watching TV. 2 years watching commercials. 1 year deciding what to wear. 1.5 years doing our hair/make-up. If you do most of these things in your bedroom, (guilty, tv's should be allowed in bedrooms) you're pretty much spending 52% of your life inside your bedroom. I'm sure it's not that horrible to think you're spending more than half your life in your bedroom, but if that makes you cringe a bit I have some tips for you to turn your room into a little sanctuary for yourself. First, you should write a list of words that come to mind when you think of your bedroom as a 'sanctuary' or a 'get away'. From there you should get an idea of what type of styling will help develop the room you are after. For me, a 'sanctuary' is a space that is calming, neutral and well lit. I would declutter, simplify and brighten the space using minimal colour, removing unnecessary items and adding different textures in any materials or furniture used. Obviously it will be different for everyone but you'll see the similarities for my own personal taste in the photos below. Make it somewhere you are happy to escape to, then maybe those stats won't sound so terrifying.