My love of book shelves began when my best friend and house mate, Natalie, brought one home from ikea. It was only small, but damn it looked nice in her bedroom. She styled it with books and little nick nacks, it complimented her room by giving it a sort of vintage vibe. When it comes to styling, it's no secret that I am a sponge; I love soaking up idea's or tips anyone throws at me. A sponge, but also a total coward!! I've never been game enough to try and style a book shelf in my apartment. I previously had one in my bedroom but quickly got over it when my OCD went into overdrive after trying (and failing) at making it look neat. Needless to say that was a waste of $150. Anyway, my Pinterest is consumed by beautifully styled shelves and I know how much they intrigue me, so I thought why not do some research, compile my favourite pieces of advise and pass them on to all my lovely readers. Here you go!

Don't completely fill a shelf/cube with just books, mix it up with some pottery pieces or frames.

Try styling books both vertically and horizontally.

Make it neat, but not too perfect. Imperfections are key in making it feel less sterile. 

Place any books to the front of the shelf, rather than pushing them back.

Throw some colour in there. Bright pops or metallics can make a huge statement.

Don't be scared to combine finishes. Marble and wood, ceramic and bronze. Tick, tick, tick. 

Play around with heights. Creating a nice balance is what draws the eye.