If you follow me on Instagram, you would possibly have come across a post from 3 weeks ago stating that I finally got my ass into gear and did a 3 day juice cleanse! I've been wanting to try one for ages. I'm not sure why, but I kept putting it off. I think the commitment of not eating food for 3 whole days scared me. I have commitment issues but then again if you're not scared of not being able to eat for 3 days, I don't know where I'm going with that but you get it. Anyway, I chose to do this post 3 weeks post cleanse so I could give you all as much information as possible. I've noted everything from buying the ingredients down to how I feel right now. 

I do just want to note that I'm in no way an expert in any of this healthy business. I did my research, but everyone is different and how things go for you, may be totally different to how they went for me. If you want to try out a juice cleanse, Google and Manya Williams are your friends. 

After I finally made the decision to do this thing, I realised I didn't want to spend $200+ which is why I chose to juice myself and steer away from Pressed Juices. I've only ever heard good things about Pressed Juices, but I am very particular about my juices (and completely fussy). I stumbled across the lovely Manya Williams after doing a lot of research on my favourite love.. Pinterest. You can find her website here. Manya is a holistic nutritionist amongst many other spectacular things. Her website inspired me and once I downloaded her e-book on juicing, I emailed her straight away to ask for further advise. Manya stepped me through the cleanse and gave me some great tips on how to prepare for the big reset. Here's what I did beforehand:

  • Became aware of, and clearly understood my intention behind doing the cleanse
  • Cut out all meat and sugar from my diet
  • Only drank water and herbal tea, mainly green (yes this means no coffee)

As I said earlier, I don't know much about this field, but from what I have read, or heard from others who have done these type of cleanses, they are sometimes not easy. A few side effects I have heard of are nausea, headaches and fatigue amongst others. I honestly think that eating clean, cutting out animal protein and sugar for 1 week made all the difference for me. 

This was an absolute breeze. Manya once again made my life easy. In her e-book she has a page dedicated to what your going to need to purchase to make all these juices. Obviously if you are doubling up on some juices you will need to buy more. I went to my local fresh produce market, Prahran Market (I LOVE YOU), and everything set me back only $90.. I also had left overs. You might be thinking 'why not spend the extra $100 and have them delivered to your door', well because Manya's recipes are actually really yummy. I sometimes get weird about juice being too pulpy or too green... I like to know whats going into them and doing it myself gave me that peace of mind. Plus I could take out anything I wasn't ready to stomach (banana I'm looking at you).
Here's an example of what would go into a juice.

Oh what a pain in the ass. I'm not going to lie, it seriously sucked. It took me approximately 4 hours to juice everything. I guess if I wasn't dancing around and getting distracted by Instagram then I probably could have cut that time in half, but hey, I'm only human and that made it slightly enjoyable. I think if I were to do this again, I would juice over the 3 days rather than doing them all on day 1. The juices would have been much fresher that way too.

To be honest, I actually enjoyed drinking almost all of the juices. Although I was scared of some of the ingredients (umm.. parsnip, no offence) they actually tasted quite nice. There was one called 'Electrolyte Booster' which was only 1 celery stick and 1/4 of cucumber and if I'm being honest, that was not easy to down. 





1.  Wake Up Sunshine Booster

2.  Green Goddess

3.  Cool Your Heals

4.  Green Goddess

5.  Super Mineral Greens

6.  Sweet Dreams

Because I spent so long juicing (idiot) I didn't have my first juice until about 12pm. I am guilty of not eating breakfast everyday so not having anything but tea & water in my system until midday wasn't unusual for me. Please don't yell at me healthy people, I know thats bad. I started on a Friday, I knew I would most likely be awake later than usual so spending the juices across the day/night was easy. The first 3 juices were awesome. They were delicious, I felt great, I had lots of energy. I was surprised at how good I felt and I didn't even want to sneak into the cupboard for a snack. By juice 4, my body was not liking me. In-between each juice I had a glass of water and sometimes a tea, so you can imagine how full of liquid my body was. Juice 4 just wasn't flying, I had half and gave up. Juice 5 and 6 were easy. I slept really well that night and for all you judgmental petals who are wondering about going to the bathroom, it was completely normally throughout the whole 3 days. Obviously I had to pee a thousand times from all the liquid but the other department (gross but you asked for it) was normal. So overall, day 1 was a success. No cravings, no headaches or nausea and I slept like a baby, which, if you know me, is abnormal. I never sleep well. 




1.  Electrolyte Booster 

2.  Better Belly

3.  Super Mineral Greens

4.  Better Belly

5.  Sweet Dreams

Day 2 felt much like day 1, except I started drinking my juices at a much more appropriate time. I had a photoshoot in the snow forLandlocked Apparel that day which kept me on my normal schedule. Because I was in such cold conditions and was walking up and down mountains all day, I felt the need to bring some solid food with me. I ended up having an 'Aussie Bodies' Naked 100% natural protein bar around midday. I started to get a slight headache around 3pm but that was most likely from being in a t-shirt in the snow :'). I managed to get all of the juices in and again felt really energised. I was feeling a bit hungry before I had the protein bar, but afterwards the juices were enough to keep me feeling full. Still no signs of nausea. 




1.  Wake Up Sunshine Booster (Elixir)

2.  Smooth Operator

3.  Cool Your Heals

4.  Smooth Operator

5.  Super Mineral Greens

Day 3 was brutal. I was sooky, moody and took my anger out on everyone around me. Sorry guys! Being away from food was getting to me and I wasn't the best version of myself in these hours haha. I was pretty hungry and the juices just weren't filling me like they used to. They started to taste all the same and I was really struggling to drink the juices. Juice 4 took me over an hour to finish. I kept pacing from the couch to the kitchen, let me tell you, it took a lot of will power not to devour a packet of salt and vinegar chips. In saying that, aside from being a massive baby,I still felt good physically. I was energised, less bloated and was still sleeping extremely well. 

I actually felt healthy. I proved to myself that I'm not hungry, I'm just bored. I don't need to constantly eat snacks. I know it sounds silly, but for me, that was a big break through. Along with feeling lighter and less bloated, I have slept much better since the cleanse. I think my body really needed the reset. I've tried to steer clear of bad foods, but I am human. I don't restrict myself too much. 


It's been 3 weeks since my cleanse and it's safe to say my eating habits have changed. I drink a lot more tea and water than I used to, I don't rely on fatty snacks when I am bored and I'm a lot more motivated to work out. Obviously I have my bad days (who doesn't?) but I'm happily consuming foods that make me feel good and so far, I'm enjoying my choices. My skin is thanking me for it too. One weird thing that I noticed since the cleanse was that I can't eat a lot of bread now. I get ridiculously bloated and feel so sluggish if I do. It could be completely unrelated to the cleanse but I'm keen to look into that more and learn a lot more about nutrition. I feel like this has cleared my mind and really helped me understand my body more. I'm much more positive and grounded when it comes to taking care of myself, both inside and out.

I spoke about Manya earlier in this post, if you skipped ahead she is the brains behind the cleanse I chose. She is a certified holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, birth and labor doula as well as a desire map facilitator. If that alone doesn't convince you, go read some of her website or blog. It is truly inspiring and motivating. Her words really stuck with me and she's given me a new interest in my health. Manya offers a range of services to help kick start your journey, including 1:1 sessions, coaching, e-books and tailored plans. You can read more about that on the 'work with me' tab on her website (manyawilliams.com). I am going to a 1:1 coaching session with Manya, if anyone is interested in me doing a review on that, get in touch and I will! I'm really excited to see where this goes for me. I feel much more confident and happy after doing the cleanse, I can only imagine that will escalate after I work one on one with Manya. Wish me luck!


If you are thinking of doing a juice cleanse yourself, these are the best tips I can give you from my experience:

  • Eat clean the week or two before you begin the cleanse so you don't freak your body out
  • Drink a lot of water or tea in-between juices, it's important to stay hydrated
  • Don't fill your cupboard up with temptations
  • Tell everyone around you that you are doing a cleanse 
  • Don't assume you're going to lose weight from doing a cleanse. It is not a 'quick fix' 


If you have any questions, feel free to email me: shhalex.blog@gmail.com. 

Thanks for reading lovers x

All photos were taken by my beautiful best friend Natalie. Find her on Instagram @nataliejurrjens