Teale Coco The Brand is a beautiful range of hand-crafted accessories inspired by occultism, spirituality, sexuality and all things human anatomy. The designs are both dominant and powerful, created with the intention to liberate the wearer no matter what gender or size. All pieces are manufactured locally in Melbourne (yay for supporting our country) by passionate artisans, and being that Teale Coco The Brand is a self-titled company, Teale, herself, ensures the highest quality for all her garments and boy, does she delivery on that! Not only are Teale Coco's designs sexy, they double as alluring statement pieces that can be worn over the top of clothing. 

Teale Coco The Brand has been open for around 2 years now and in that time Teale has created her empire, inspiring young talents across the world spreading the most important message. So who is Teale Coco? She is a young entrepreneur, designer, photographer and international model that has set her sights on creating something that doesn't allow for discrimination. Being a size AU4 myself, I struggle to find clothing that fits well, not this brand. Everything is adjustable and if you're worried it won't fit, they do custom sizing. Teale has an amazing message when it comes to her brand, she really does practise what she preaches. If you looked on her personal or business instagram page (@tealecoco/@tealecocothebrand) you would see how empowering this woman is. Any chance she gets, she motivates and encourages her viewers to love who they are and this is represented in her brand. Exploring the unusual and expanding the narrow minds amongst our society is what she's all about; and I dig it. Meet Teale Coco.

You can purchase her range from www.tealecoco.com. Do yourself a favour and check out her chokers; they are to die!! Oh and if you're not aware, she just dropped her DUSTED PINK range, get in quick little devils!

Photography of Teale by @shotopraphy.