Hello! I'm back woohoo. If you are reading this, thank you for sticking around. This has been one of my most highly requested posts and I can’t say enough how thankful I am for all my readers. Without you guys, I wouldn't have a reason to write about and share the things I love; so thank you! Being an ex-beauty therapist, skin care and make-up makes me SO excited. I've put together a list of all the products I'm currently crushing on, some new and some being my go-to’s.  I've been using this particular routine for about 4 months now and let me tell you, I'm real happy about it.

Wake up
I always begin my morning by washing my face with cold water. Cold water is great in the morning because it helps wake my tired ass up, but also isn't harsh on my dry skin like using a toner would be.

Before putting on my make-up I have to moisturise otherwise I end up looking like a reptile; not the smooth kind. I originally used Olay Sensitive Skin range because I grew up using it, but I felt like it was time to try something new. Currently I'm using the Skin Doctors Antarctilyne Plump3 and I'm really liking it. I have noticed it actually does plump my skin leaving it looking fresh and glowy, and it’s helped improve the base for my foundation which I am LOVING.

MAC Prep & Prime. I used it once and I haven’t stopped since. It’s really refreshing and my make-up doesn't go ANYWHERE. I spray my face with a generous amount after I moisturise (before my make-up) and another spritz when my make-up is finished to give a dewy look.

Wind down
I remove my make-up with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. For so long I used make-up wipes and until I switched to a cleansing water, I can’t tell you how oblivious I was to the damage I was causing my skin by using cheap make-up wipes. Make-up wipes are full of chemicals and majority of the time, they smear make-up into your pores rather than removing it. A cleansing water soothes while removing impurities and most have moisturising benefits! Triple whammy ✓

This is my favourite thing to do and my favourite product to use. Lush’s ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ of course. It doubles as a cleanser and an exfoliator, AND it smells like popcorn. Amazing. It’s not harsh on my skin like most exfoliators and it leaves a subtle dew on the skin once washed off. I generally use a pea sized amount for my entire face, massage it in for 3-5 minutes and then wash off with warm water. If my skin is feeling a bit dull, dry or if I’m breaking out, I’ll use ‘Ultrabland’ after I cleanse. Ultrabland is also a cleanser from Lush and has a very, very subtle exfoliant. Most of the time I barley notice the exfoliating grains and I guess it also depends on which tub you pick up because it’s not the products main use. It’s extremely oily so if you have those concerns, I would stay away from this one. But being someone who suffers from dryness, I love using it because it really helps clear up my skin, even more so when I leave it on my face rather than washing it off after use.

I use a more intense moisturiser at night. I had heard a lot of YouTubers raving about this stuff but I refused to buy it for so long because of the price. I found it 40% off at Woolworths and as every woman would say, it was meant to be, so I started using it. It’s extremely moisturising and also had anti-ageing benefits without being too heavy like most wrinkle creams. Using it on the reg as a night cream, I have noticed my skin come back to life. It's the Skin Therapy Bee Venom Daily Moisturiser. It also has SPF 15 so it could double as your morning moisturiser if you choose!

I don’t do these often as I notice sometimes it dries my skin out even more which I do not need! I would say once a week I use a face mask, normally from lush (I love ‘catastrophe cosmetic’ and ‘brazened honey’) but as of late I have been trying out something I saw from a fellow blogger, CARDINAL by Emily. Now let me tell you, this girl’s skin (and face. And brows!!!) is to die for. It always looks so dewy and fresh, so naturally anything she blogs about beauty wise, I give a go. She uses a home-made sugar scrub mixed with essential oils. I use raw brown sugar, coconut oil, olive oil and rosehip oil. You can see her post about it here. I do also always always always stream my face before a mask. Boil some water, chuck it in a large bowl, put some herbs or oils in there (I use camomile tea bags, honey and rose hip oil), put a towel over your head and lean over the bowl. Woohoo, face sauna. I steam for probably 10-15 minutes and then straight away use a scrub while my pores are all nice and open. When I first tried this scrub, it was really messy which I was not prepared for, but since then I've mastered the sugar to oils ratio and it’s not so bad. I love doing this for 3 reasons; 1. It’s cheap! I have all these things lying around the house so I never feel as if I have to go out of my way to achieve a face mask. 2. It’s super exfoliating in a gentle way. I press it onto my face, leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then use circular motions with my hands to wash it off in the shower. 3. My face looks like a babies bum. Ta da!

Photography by @nataliejurrjens