I've always been obsessed with my brows, even when I completely over-plucked them when I was sixteen. A lot of time goes into making these babies shine everyday, especially now that the bold, fluffy, Cara Delevingne-style brows are everyones favourite face-framers. So all I can really say is that to all of those who feel like they are endlessly filling-in,  threading, shaping, tinting; GET YOUR BROWS FEATHERED! 

For those of you who are unfamiliar (guilty, I had no idea what I was in for until I was standing in the Inez Eye Design studio) feather touch tattooing is used for cosmetic purposes, using a  micro-blading technique to create precise, individual strokes to mimic the appearance of hair. Having this done has re-shaped my mornings completely. I get an extra half an hour everyday and my OCD is kept at bay knowing that I'm not walking around with Sharpie brows on my face. Pretty sure the boyfriend enjoys it too now that my morning doesn't consist of forcing him to assess the eyebrow situation. Win win really.

Montana Inez is the studio owner of 'Inez Eye Design' as well as the beautiful artist who helped perfect my brows. I was quite nervous on the day of my appointment. After years of pencilling in my own brows, I'd become accustom to a certain style and I knew it was risky because I was dealing with something that I'd have to live with for the next five years or so. 
Montana started off by penciling in the areas she was going to tattoo over so I could envision the final result and I was instantly at ease. She nailed it off the bat so we got right into it and kicked it off with some numbing cream. Pretty sure that cream saved my life because I barely felt any pain, although some areas were a lot more sensitive than others. All up the tattooing took about an hour from memory, it felt like no time at all, Montana and I just chatted away. 

When the time came for me to check out my new brows, I was blown away. They were so much better than I hoped. They still look natural because we both wanted to go for a full, feathery affect. The colour started off quite dark but there was practically no down time, I was out for dinner the same night. Ahh-mazzing. 

Now, the colour has settled and my brows are fully healed. I'm excited to pop in for my 6-8 week touch up session so I can comfortably stop spending all my money on so much Anastasia dip brow :')



Photography by @brightsidefilm